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Khoi Culture, and Interspecies Communication, Part 1

Hosted by
janine and
Chief Stephen

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September 24th
12:00 SAST

About this Webinar:

This is the first of a series of three interactive webinars based upon Khoi Culture and Interspecies Communication.

Part 1

An Introduction to Chief Stephen Fritz of the Cape Peninsula Khoi Council, Khoi Culture, and the relevance of Interspecies Communication.

Chief Stephen will speak about the history of the Khoi, the First Nations People of South Africa. He will also explain about the ancestors, who they are, and how we can receive guidance from them.

Wynter speaks about her understanding of the origins of interspecies communication and what we can learn from the wisdom in ancient African cultures.


Participants are welcome to ask questions, as this will be an interactive webinar.

This webinar will be recorded, if you cannot make the live session. Register to get the replay.

Meditation and Healing

We start the webinar with Chief Stephen leading a Khoi Blessing Ceremony for healing for the earth and all her children. Everyone is invited to be part of this.

Wynter will close with a grounding and connecting meditation to help you reconnect with nature and your ancestors


All proceeds will go towards assisting the continuance of the Khoi Culture in the Cape Peninsula


About Wynter

Wynter is based in Cape Town and has been practicing as a Professional Interspecies Communicator since 2001. She is the author of "Where is Biggles?" and teaches introduction and advanced workshops internationally. Her deep love is for African Wildlife. She works closely with Baboon Matters Trust and the Global White Lion Protection Trust who she supports through the global meditations and prayers. She is one of the few people invited to facilitate groups at Tsau Conservancy in South Africa where the rare and sacred White Lions roam free in a protected area of their endemic homeland. She has now started Virtual journeys to these sacred lands. www,

In 2010 she founded AnimalTalk Africa's online Academy, which has developed into an international like-minded community of people learning how to communicate with the animals.

To learn more about her work please visit


About Chief Stephen

Chief Stephen Fritz, of the South Peninsula Khoi Council in Ocean View, Cape Town, is known as “Xoma”, meaning “son of the soil”. He is passionate about the Khoi heritage and dedicated to preserving the ancient ways and the sacred spaces.

Chief Stephen recognizes that we are facing a global crisis which threatens the extinction of both indigenous knowledge and life on earth. He believes it is crucial to ensure that the Khoi origin, heritage and sustainable ways are not forgotten, for the good of all beings. Join us for a fascinating and fun talk where Chief Stephen reveals some of the almost forgotten wisdom of the Khoi and how intespecies communication is integral to their culture.

September 24th
12:00 SAST